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Gulfport Gnome™️ - Allegany Camping- 4" Fabric Mini Decor Unplug at Allegany Gnome

Gulfport Gnome™️ - Allegany Camping- 4" Fabric Mini Decor Unplug at Allegany Gnome

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Gulfport Gnome™️-  Allegany Camping- 4" Fabric Mini Decor Unplug at Allegany Gnome

This gnome features a green colored fabric hat which matches the color of the cabins at Allegany. (If you know, you know)  The charm reads " Allegany... my favorite place to Unplug."

This product listing is for the GNOME only. Any other products pictured are meant to show the product in use.

******* Gnome *******

  • Gnomes are approximately 4.5" in size from top of hat to bottom of beard
  • Each is handmade so sizes are not exact and may differ slightly
  • Fabric hat filled with poly stuffing, wood nose, faux fur and organic weighted stuffing beads
  • The gnome comes with the hanging D ring sealed in place.


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Gnomes by definition are mythological creatures known to bring good luck and protection. The Gulfport Gnome™️ has a magical spirit and is energized by the shine of the sun and the salt of the air. Keep your Gulfport Gnome™️ close and maybe you too will feel the unexplained magic that can only be found in Gulfport!

Adopt & Adventure!

We’ve all heard about gnomes who live under bridges and in tree holes - but the Gulfport Gnome™️ was born to roam! They love to see and be seen! The Gulfport Gnome™️ thrives on action and adventure and is a sucker for a great selfie! 

Born in Gulfport, Florida with a desire to see the world, your Gulfport Gnome™️ awaits adoption! Whether boating, beaching, or biking… hiking, kayaking, ballooning or simply sightseeing - your Gulfport Gnome™️ will keep you company on the journey! 


Snap some shots with your gnome and upload to your favorite social sites using the hashtag #gulfportgnome

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