Our Story

The Gulfport Gnome™ Story

The first Gulfport Gnome™ was designed, crafted and brought to life in April 2021.  Inspired by the sun, the sea and the serenity in a weird little magical town on the gulf side of Florida.

Each gnome is hand assembled in America and the materials necessary to craft them are sourced locally.  From the laser engraved logo buttons made in Colorado to the wood noses manufactured in New Jersey, you can feel good about your purchase... that makes a difference right here in our local communities.

The Gulfport Beach Bazaar was the first store to give these little gnomes a retail shelf in June of 2021.  Since then, the gnomes have made their way to retail shelves in dozens of states across America and over the pond to Italy!

By the end of 2021, a whole brand of journals, stickers and accessories were added to promote the Gulfport Gnome™ mission.


Our Mission Statement

The Gulfport Gnome™ brand continues to believe in being creative, no matter your age... keeping your imagination alive, taking adventures in nature to quiet your mind and be present, being kind to everyone in your path, keeping a positive mindset and living your most magical life... with intention.

These plush miniature collectible gnomes continue to bring smiles to everyone who crosses their path. Their magic and good luck is contagious!

The Gulfport Gnome™ is handmade in the USA using locally sourced materials. From the laser engraved wood logo buttons made by a small business in Colorado, to the custom fabric printed from North Carolina - this company has a mission to support small business, which enriches the economy right here in our own communities.


About Our Team

Shelly Straub

Born with an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, Shelly has always been a big dreamer with a wildly creative imagination.

Shelly Straub is the founder of the Gulfport Gnome™, a company that creates mini gnomes full of magic!

"I started creating gnomes during the covid quarantine period of 2020.  I brought life to these little creatures who kept me entertained and inspired while the world was quiet.  Watching the joy they bring others makes this crazy ride worthwhile."



Gail Iannuzzi, Shelly's Mom, joined the team as a gnome maker when word got out about these magical mini good luck charms.  Living her best retired life, Gail (better known as Nani) takes pride in each hand assembled gnome that she crafts from the comfort of her favorite chair. 

This may or may not be a photo of Nani before she was a Nani. But we'll keep it here because it'll make her happy!

 Gulfport Gnome Made in the USA

We're so happy you stopped by and appreciate your interest in our gnomes!