Shout out to Treasure Lilly Boutique - Who Made That Anyway?

Shout out to Treasure Lilly Boutique - Who Made That Anyway?

Sometimes the people who cross your path make such an impact in your life that they may not have had anything to do with the design or formula for the product you sell but rather they have shaped the human that you are, which shapes the company you run, which in turn - helps create the product you sell.

Jennell is the amazing entrepreneur who runs the Treasure Lilly Boutique. Maybe you have not heard of this shop, but I can assure you that the people of Central New York are well aware.  This popular place has quite the loyal following and it's no surprise why.

Yes, they sell trending clothes, accessories and other fun items... but Jennell brings the magic.

I celebrated my ONE-YEAR Anniversary in business just a few days ago and it's very important to me, that I take a moment to recognize the souls on this planet who have helped me get here.  Some help in big ways, some small - regardless, each played a part and I give appreciation where it is due.

Jennell, a very busy and successful business woman took the time to review my product, offer suggestions and out of the box ideas, and let me know that she is just a phone call away for any business advice.  At the time of our conversations, I had been in business just a few months and I had no expectations that she would be so kind. The reality of my thoughts was that she would roll her eyes and say 'come talk to me after a few years, not a few months'.  Instead, she gave me just enough confidence to keep going. 

You don't have to go out of your way like she did, but my advice to everyone reading this is to please be kind to everyone who steps onto the path you are walking because you never know what kind of difference it may make.

Thank you Jennell. Very much.


Some day, I may be able to thank her in a bigger way, but for now - the least I can do is ask my followers to go check her out! 

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