Gulfport Gnomes Featured on the Wealth Yoga Wine Podcast!

Gulfport Gnomes Featured on the Wealth Yoga Wine Podcast!

Wealth Yoga Wine Podcast Valerie

Thank you so much Valerie for featuring the Gulfport Gnomes on your Wealth, Yoga & Wine podcast! 

I appreciate the beautiful story you told of the Gulfport Gnome history, along with the kind sentiment for my soul dog Marshmellow who crossed the rainbow bridge on December 13, 2023.

Valerie's Wealth, Yoga and Wine podcast is in direct alignment with the core values of the Gulfport Gnome company... see for yourself:

"Wealth is not about money in the bank. Wealth includes good health, an abundance of friends, wealth can be an amazing relationship. Wealth is a state of gratitude.

Kundalini Yoga- This is the oldest yoga and dates back to India over 5000 years

You CAN protect yourself with yoga, prevent illness, and increase your prosperity.

Wine - I am a Francophile

I love all things French, especially the wines

Therefore, I am biased when discussing wines and for many reasons. But listen to the podcast. It’s quicker.

It’s FUN learning some easy fundamentals about wine and food pairing."

Check out Valerie's podcast episode featuring the Gulfport Gnomes here:

NOTE: This podcast is on 'apple' so if you are using an android, you can read this article I found on how to listen:

You can subscribe to her podcast and more on her website link below.

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